Sunday Session

Osbourne Hotel‎ Green House Sundays | Daft Punk Tribute

Green House Sundays | Daft Punk Tribute

Welcome to ‘Green House Sundays’ – the new era of Sunday sessions.

Bringing back excellent house music to the core of your end of week celebrations. Watch Brisbane’s unrivalled house DJ’s play set after set, while you join us for Pizza specials and Pimm’s every Sunday. Relax in our outdoor space amid lush green surroundings and chill out to the Green House’s headline acts.

To round off the Queen’s Birthday Weekend, we’re bringing Discovery – Australia’s Daft Punk Tribute Show to the Green House Stage. Discovery is Australia’s tribute to the music and image of French electro house legends, Daft Punk. Complete with authentic signature gold and silver helmets as well as an entertaining, fun and party-vibe DJ set of their own produced remixes and mash ups to ensure even the purest Daft Punk fan will be satisfied! With their attention to detail in custom-made costumes and huge fanbase, Discovery is a perfect addition for Queen’s Birthday weekend.

Also joining Discovery on the Green House stage is:

Jimmy Vegas | Matt Kishon | Mr Sparkle & Sharif on Sax (4.30 – 7pm)

Imagine, you and your mates, sipping on fresh and fruity Pimm’s jugs to the backdrop of live chilled out house tunes. Oh and did we mention $15 pizzas all day? Join us for a very special edition of ‘Green House Sundays’, home to the hottest house music right here at the Osbourne.