Stoked on Sunday

Stoked On Sunday with Mr.Sparkle

Stoked on Sunday is the seventh day celebration of sunsets and soothing sounds riverside at Southbank. Award winning food and friendly service. Spoil yourself a little this Sunday.

This week DJ Mr. Sparkle takes us on a musical journey unique to his years of experience putting smiles on faces and tap in toes all over Brisbane.

One of Brisbane’s hardest working party starters, engineering all manner of social interaction in rooms big and small, DJ Mr Sparkle seeks to create a convivial atmosphere through funky, soulful goodness and big beats to tease out big smiles and feed sweaty dance floors. Taking on any party situation, Sparkles’ backs himself with a lifetime of interaction with music, calling on influences such as a music teaching mum, early years of soul and funk immersion and roller skating discos, through to the Manchester sounds of the 90′s, acid jazz and old school hip hop. All the while incubating an interest in the emerging rave, house and club sounds of the time.

For over ten years, Sparkles has been a mainstay at the best of Brisbane’s club rotations, taking on The Met, The Family, Press Club, The Wickham, Uber, GPO, Main Squeeze, Monastery and Jorge amongst many others. In the warmer months, Sparkles fills his days with outings such as Summerfieldayze, BBQ Breaks, Future Music Festival, Parklife and the like and performs under various guises, including Dubs… Down Under Beatmasters- his live collective, performing at Byblos Portside.

Mr Sparkle is without a doubt an unstoppable party force always bent on shenanigans, and carries a weekend stamina that would put most of the younger generation of DJs to shame, so we can expect the fun to continue through the afternoon and well into the night. Join us this Sundae with as we carry on in proper form with fine quality afternoon selections.